Religion: A Fatal Attraction

The God of heaven is alive and well.He has done His allTo keep you out of hell.He sent His Son JesusHis one and onlyTo shed His sinless bloodOn the cross at CalvaryTo open our eyesThat we might seeTo open our earsThat we might hearTo touch our heartsEnabling us to feelThe Spirit of the living GodRose Christ from the deadTherefore we tooCan get out of bedFor newness of life has comeJesus paid the price for man’s sinThe job is done!Now it is up to us to realizeTo remove the scales of deceptionFrom our eyesTo walk away from religion’s distractionTo not be ensnaredIn its fatal attractionFor religion cannot saveReligion cannot healReligion cannot touchIt is not even real.Religion is the creation of manA mere mortalWhose years are limitedWhy then with religionShould you be riveted?Captivated and spellbound?Enslaved and brought to the ground?Get up you sleeperAwake my friendFor religion wants to keep youUntil the endBut if you continueApart from GodReligion will take youTo itselfTo the depths of hellWhere Lucifer dwellsThen your end will beClearly seen and revealedFor religion is worthlessPoisonous to the coreDeadly in all its dealingsWhile you innocently exploreTake one tasteAnd now anotherIn religionThere are no sisters and brothersReligion is for spiritual orphansPeople who shun the heavenly FatherReligion is for intellectualsTo make them feel smartReligion is for the fearfulWho don’t want to live by faithNevertheless there’s always time to turnJesus lovingly will waitThere is however one problemReligion does not tell you your fateThat it keeps you from heaven’s gateFrom heaven’s blessingsWhich can be experienced here on earthBy reason of the new birthAnd in the afterlife as wellYou don’t need to go to hellReligion has an outward appearance and lookBut cannot impart lifeReligion is a lieA detour from true lifeReligion is void of spiritualityReligion is boring and without actionReligion is a fatal attraction.